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Organize Your Entire House in 30 Days or Less!

Now that the holidays are over, I have an intense desire to de-clutter and organize my entire house from top to bottom.

It seems there is “stuff” crammed in every nook and cranny in our house.

However, as a mom it seems that I spend all of my time keeping up with the daily to-dos like cleaning, leaving little time for getting rid of stuff or organizing.


How to Make Cranberry Orange Christmas Potpourri

One thing I love about the holiday season is the smells. I love the smell of a real Christmas tree in our living room, a fire in the fireplace, and pies in the oven!

So, when I was thinking of Christmas gifts to give to my friends and neighbors, I immediately thought of the homemade stove top potpourri my mom has made in the past.

It was so simple, yet thoughtful and elegant.