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5 Tried and True Frugal Tips to Live By

If there’s one thing that we’ve learned over the past year, it’s to be a lot more intentional about how we spend our money.

The world has experienced economic downturns before, but living through a global pandemic leaves all of us wondering what’s next.

For many, it was the catalyst for making major financial changes that were well overdue. Whether that was getting on a budget, paying off debt, or saving up for a rainy day. 

7 Easy Ways to Save Money as a Busy Mom

Among CEO, firefighter, and Navy Seal, “Mom” is one of the hardest job titles you can have.

Going one step further, balancing life as a busy mom is even more exhausting.

As you attempt to stock the fridge, get the kids to soccer practice, and make sure that science project is done, the costs can really stack up.

Why I Pay for A’s: Using Money to Encourage Academic Success

We all want our kids to grow up to be hard working, creative, loving, honest and personally responsible adults before they leave our nest.

With 5 children ages 3 to almost 16, and 18 years of marriage, we’ve had our share of medical issues, unforeseen crushing household financial struggles as well as parenting successes and failures.

One area that we haven’t struggled in, however, is having our children perform well at school.

6 Fun Ways to Teach Kids the Basics of Money

Did your parents teach you about money basics as a child or was money a non-topic in your household?

When my husband and I got married ten years ago, we didn’t realize that we had two very different financial educations from our parents growing up.

Because of this, we had differing strategies and viewpoints on managing money and smart finances.