Whitney Agee

How a Timer Cleared My Mom Brain Fog

When preparing to become a mom, I read books, chatted with my mom friends, and took classes. The precious new additions (yes, twins!) would change our lives, so I wanted to be as informed as possible. I mean with twins on the way I knew things would be different – but I couldn’t prepare for what came.

Angela Worley

How to Dress Baby For Sleep

Do you wonder whether your baby is too hot or too cold when they’re sleeping? Whether you’re living in a warm climate all year round or if you’re living in a place with all four seasons, this worry will always come up because it’s just one of those things that parents worry about, right? If you find yourself worried about your little one and their sleep attire, here are some tips on how to properly…

Adrienne Koziol

5 Tips On How To Survive The First Few Months With A Newborn

There are certain things a mom has to suffer through after bringing home a new baby. It’s almost like nature’s way of hazing women into the exclusive club of motherhood. You feel like those first few months last forever and aren’t sure how you’ll survive it. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first or your ninth.


Why You Yell at Your Kids, Why It Matters (And How to Stop)

We’ve all been there. Yelling at our kids is an unavoidable part of parenting. You’re frustrated, you’ve asked nicely, you’ve tried everything you can, and it’s just not working.


How to Stop a Bad Mood From Ruining Your Day — 10 Simple Ways to Instantly Feel Better

Bad moods are the worst. They can totally ruin your day and if you’re a mom, they can ruin your children’s day (and even your husband’s day). You now the saying: happy mom, happy house. And when we can stop a bad mood from ruining our day, we’re cleaning up the emotional environment for everyone.

Erin Artfitch

6 Easy Ways to Save on Diapers (Without Couponing)

Before I became a mom, I vaguely understood that diapers were expensive. Let’s be honest, though…the actual cost of diapers doesn’t quite hit home until you’ve changed one just five minutes after your baby’s last blowout. There is no doubt, babies require a lot of diapers.