Rachel Haddon

11 Things Moms Should Know About Extended Breastfeeding

Throughout my pregnancy, I knew that I wanted to try breastfeeding, but I frequently heard how difficult it could be. After listening to stories from friends and family, I was a bit nervous about breastfeeding in general. After my son was born, I had written down some small breastfeeding goals; things like ‘make it through four weeks of breastfeeding,’ then 12 weeks, and then six months.

Angela Worley

20 Tips for Planning a Baby Shower

One of the most exciting parties that you can throw or attend are baby showers. If you’re reading this post chances are, you’re in charge of throwing a shower for a friend or family member. Unlike other parties, you’ll want to make sure that every T has been crossed and every I has been dotted.

Miranda Yogan

How to Speed Up Postpartum Healing After Vaginal Birth

Postpartum healing and recovery are just as important to prepare for as getting ready for birth and baby. Ignoring this period of time is one of the biggest mistakes women make when it comes to childbirth. Not only are you balancing your new role as a mom, navigating sleepless nights with a newborn, but you’re also recovering from some serious “down there” trauma.

Satya Nauth

How To Get Kids To Follow Routines Without Nagging

Moms know how tense and intense it can become…getting our little ones or not so little ones to adhere to the routines we’ve established or are attempting to establish. It can rightly be a daunting task. Ideally, we moms, would like everything to go smoothly.

Keren Kanyago

8 Natural Ways of Boosting Your Child’s Immunity – We are What We Eat

We are living in greuling times. We are smack dab in the middle of a pandemic that has worn our patience thin. As we poke around for ways to shelter from the Coronavirus pandemic, we can’t help but fret about our kids. Children are born with immature immune systems, as fragile as lilies. With time, however, their immune systems toughen up.

Erin Artfitch

6 Easy Ways to Save on Diapers (Without Couponing)

Before I became a mom, I vaguely understood that diapers were expensive. Let’s be honest, though…the actual cost of diapers doesn’t quite hit home until you’ve changed one just five minutes after your baby’s last blowout. There is no doubt, babies require a lot of diapers.