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Having Trouble Co-Parenting With Your Ex? Maybe You Need to Parallel Parent Instead

I don’t have to spout statistics at you when it comes to divorce rates – we all know that divorce is highly prevalent in our culture, especially for couples with children.

Is that a terrible thing? Not necessarily, since many couples decide to divorce in order to protect their children from a negative domestic environment.

However, this doesn’t guarantee an amicable divorce where everything is hunky-dory and the sharing of parental responsibilities is accepted in a respectful and agreeable manner.

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10 Healthy Ways to Discipline Your Child

Once upon a time, I was an Autism Support Worker.

I worked one-on-one with Autistic preschoolers, not only teaching them academic skills but also dealing directly with undesirable behaviors.

At work, we called it “behavior intervention” – at home I call it discipline, but the principles are pretty much the same. The goal is to squash unwanted behaviors while teaching your child the value of appropriate behaviors.

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8 Ways to Overcome Mom Guilt

I feel like as soon as I had my daughter, I had “guilty” stamped on my forehead.

From asking others to look after her while I went to the movies to not feeding her vegetables at every meal, I often felt guilty about not mothering perfectly.

My daughter is in school now and, though I definitely did not mother perfectly, she is a happy and healthy child with a sparkling personality and kind heart.