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14 Indoor Activities for When It’s Too Cold to Go Outside

One of the hardest times for me as a parent is when I have to think of indoor activities for my children to do.

Now that it’s winter, I realize just how important outdoor exercise is to children. When they’re outside, kids can let loose, burn off steam, and get their blood flowing.

But, when it’s below freezing outside and drizzling rain, I have to brainstorm activities to keep my little tykes busy and out of my hair.

I don’t have a magic bag like Mary Poppins but I think that I’m pretty creative when it comes to rainy-day activities.

6 Empowering Tips for Traveling with Your SPD Child

My husband and I have always enjoyed travel.

Nothing too extravagant, mostly weekend trips and getaways but its something we looked forward to doing with our children.

When our son was about 2 years old we found out he had Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD).

Its been quite an adjustment for our family over the last two and a half years but we have come a LONG way.

Easy Ways To Entertain Your Toddler When Sibling is At School

I have to say, I’m so excited for back to school because my two older kids are going to be gone all day.

No more complaining of being bored, no more in and out of the house with friends, no more popsicle wrappers all over the place!

They aren’t too enthused about going back to school but, whatever!

The only concern that I have right now is my toddler will be lonely now that they will be leaving for school every day.

How to Teach Kids Gratitude (In a Way They’ll Understand)

We all want our kids to grow into happy and healthy adults.

It turns out there is a common thread among happy people, and it’s as straightforward as it is powerful.

It’s gratitude.

Leading gratitude researcher Robert A. Emmons undertook studies that highlight a link between gratitude and well-being. Emmons says “The practice of gratitude can have dramatic and lasting effects in a person’s life.”