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9 Simple Ways to Pass Time During the Third Trimester of Pregnancy

Each trimester of pregnancy lasts about 3 months, but for some very strange reason, the third trimester always feels A LOT longer.

Why is the third trimester so hard also?

Today I’ll be sharing with you 9 ways to pass time during the last part of your pregnancy.

You’ve probably already got your hospital bags packed and you’re waiting for your contractions to start.

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10 Gross, Annoying, and Weird Pregnancy Symptoms (You Need to Know)

Pregnancy is a huge blessing and life-changing experience for many moms.

It’s a beautiful thing and it does have its perks, but it also comes with its own set of challenges – like weird pregnancy symptoms!

Ever heard of the saying Not everything that glitters is gold?

The people on the outside see you in all your pregnant glory and all they can talk about is your cute bump.

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How to Make Life Easier with 2 Babies Under 2

Finding out I was pregnant with my second child when my first – my daughter Samaiya – was only 6 months old, was shocking, to say the least.

Excitement, joy, shock, anxiety, and a bunch of other emotions I couldn’t exactly name at the time, took over me.

I was about to be a part of the two babies under 2 club.

The emotions I felt when that unmistakable line showed up in the result window of my HPT, were so intense they could’ve knocked a grown man down.