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How to Survive the First Year Breastfeeding As a Working Mom

Hi Mamma!

If you’re going back to work soon from maternity leave (or have recently re-entered the workforce) and are planning to continue breastfeeding, you’re going to face a bit of an adjustment period.

Today I’m tackling one of the most challenging aspects of breastfeeding for many working women.

This post provides actionable tips to help you reach your breastfeeding goals – even if you’re away from baby at work.

Raising 2 Kids with a Wide Age Gap : How to Make it Work

What’s the ideal age space between two babies?

This is a question I never really asked myself because I wanted to enjoy every single moment with my daughter. All my friends were planning their second baby by the time the first was going to pre-school.

I couldn’t settle myself to this common idea of a 3-year gap between babies. Having close pregnancies were not something I was very appealed to either.