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7 Things No One Tells You About Giving Birth

You’re near the finish line and whether through vaginal delivery or caesarean, your baby is coming soon…oh happy day.

You’ll start to read up on every birth article you can find, watch every birthing video you can stomach, and take any and all childbirth classes you hear about.

Your doctor, family, and friends will do you their very best to prepare you for that special moment – the moment you give birth.

How to Cope With Your Postpartum Body

I jumped out of the shower yesterday to grab my towel off of the rack and I was a little…ahem…bouncy.

I’ve got some serious stretch marks, and there isn’t anything that shea butter lotion, HOURS of running and a thousand crunches can do to help me.

7 Ways to Survive AND Thrive the 4th Trimester

Your body and soul have just been through the mammoth task of growing and birthing a baby into the world. Now you need some serious resting and healing time!

For many mums the fourth trimester, or newborn stage, is filled with both some of the highest highs, and the greatest challenges of our lives.