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Three Easy Steps to Build Early Communication Skills in Your Toddler

One question that gets asked a lot to new moms with toddlers is, “Are they talking yet?”

I especially get this, as I am a mother of twins to an opinionated girl and exuberant boy. When my twins were 2 years old, they had a lot to say, but people just couldn’t understand them.

My daughter would often say “bye” and “baby,” and my son babbled a lot of meaningful sounds like “wah-wah” for the wagon or “bu” for the ball. 

How to Reconnect With Your Toddler After a Busy Day

Sometimes it can feel like life gets so busy I lose track of my daughter in all the chaos.

I am a busy mom but it wasn’t always that way.

It used to be just us all day every day, but then I opened a home daycare and life got exponentially busier. It started to feel like I was disconnected from her, like we lived on different planets.

That feeling was really yucky and I wanted to fix it.

How to Prevent Big Tantrums From Your Toddler

I have an almost 4-year-old and lately it’s been incredibly challenging to handle her big meltdowns.

The ones where she’s wailing non-stop while flailing on the floor, occasionally standing up to hit me on my legs.

The type where I’d be a little bit embarrassed if there were other parents around, witnessing my so-called incompetence as a mother.

It’s very tiring and now that she’s older and bigger, it’s taking a bit longer for her to settle.