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7 Easy and Effective Ways to Discipline Your Children

Is misbehavior a kid’s problem?

Not according to parenting coach and expert, Amy McCready.

A mother of two and a recovering yeller, Amy believes that a parent’s personality contributes to a child’s misbehavior.

Therefore, misbehavior is a parent’s problem!

It is important to recognize the parent’s role in children’s misbehavior and correct it.

6 Routines Saving My Sanity the Second Time Around As a Mom

Does anyone else love a good routine?

*raises hand enthusiastically*

Me, I do.

As a mom, they make me happy. And sane. Children can grow to expect the same general thing around the same time every day.

We aren’t robots, but routines help our day flow. Scientifically-proven, schedules are great for kids.

They help create expectations for their uncertain world. With my first baby, I was a Sleep Routine tyrant. She needed to be in her bed at the same time every day.

Our life functioned solely around her sleep schedule.

How I Got Healthy After Having 3 Kids: A Cost Effective Lifestyle Program for Moms

I was a little late to the motherhood party.

I had been single for long stretches of time as a young adult and had an intense career in medicine before I decided to get married and have kids.

I had been very fit for most of my adult life as I had a lot of time to claim as my own. I finished five marathons as an adult and was a varsity track athlete through most of high school.

Having Trouble Co-Parenting With Your Ex? Maybe You Need to Parallel Parent Instead

I don’t have to spout statistics at you when it comes to divorce rates – we all know that divorce is highly prevalent in our culture, especially for couples with children.

Is that a terrible thing? Not necessarily, since many couples decide to divorce in order to protect their children from a negative domestic environment.

However, this doesn’t guarantee an amicable divorce where everything is hunky-dory and the sharing of parental responsibilities is accepted in a respectful and agreeable manner.