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How to Be the Best Mom of Two

Having two children can be quite difficult.

You are probably worried you wouldn’t be able to do it.

But don’t worry!

You’ve got this and I am here to support you.

When I found out I was pregnant with baby number two, I was scared because I had a toddler.

I knew that my life was about to change.

So, I decided to prepare myself, and I came up with my top tips on how to be the best mom of two or one.

If you are in the same boat as me learn how to be the best mom of two.

These tips were lifesavers for me and will help you as well.

5 Tips to Be the Best Mom of Two:

1. Place Self-Care in Your Daily Routine

This is by far the best advice I can give you. You need to be healthy mentally and physically to be able to take care of your children.

If you are not taking care of yourself, how are you supposed to take care of others?

Most moms think they are too busy and have no time for self-care but they are completely wrong.

Look at your daily schedule and place self-care as a priority. Before adding any other task you must do, add an hour for self-care.

A happy mom is the foundation of a happy family!

So read a book, meditate, take a long bath, get your nails done, spend time with friends and just get some time off. You will see how less stressed you will become and how more productive you can be.

You and I as women both know that sometimes just being a woman is hard. Getting your period monthly, bloating during ovulation, and premenstrual symptoms can bring us down.

Imagine dealing with all that and taking care of your children – it will be hard.

During those days, put aside a longer time period for self-care. Trust me. Do it now!

2. It Will Not Always Be Hard

Once you have a newborn with another child, many problems will arise including jealousy. Just remember your baby will get older and will play with your other child.

Once your children play with each other, things will start to get better.

Having two kids, especially two under two, will always be hard sometimes. They may both cry at the same time and you will get frustrated.

But, keep in mind, they will grow up and you will have two children who love each other and are there to support one another. You will be free from all the troubles of having children.

If your children have a huge age gap, that would be difficult too. Your older child may be a bit rough with your younger one.

They may not have common interests – so expect a lot of fights as they grow up. Again, keep in mind, this is temporary. Once your older child is old enough, he/she will begin to help you with chores and with the younger child.

Your younger child will always be protected by you and the older sibling.

3. Place Your Children on a Specific Schedule.

As I mentioned before, having two children is hard but it will be much harder on you if you do not have them on a schedule.

Feed your baby the amount she/he should be fed. Put them sleep when they should be put to sleep. This way you could plan some time for yourself.

For example, I put both my children to sleep from 3 pm to 5 pm. This is when I can work on my blog or just have some free time. My younger baby has one extra nap which I use to have one-to-one time with my older child.

You must organize your day in order to create a calm environment for you and your children. Children thrive on schedules, and you will be able to be as productive as you can be.

If your children sleep at the wrong times, you may have to do something else like cook when they are sleeping.

Then they wake up and you will not be able to do anything you would like to do like working for yourself or just self-care.

4. Spend Quality Time With Your Children

Your children are unique individuals. Just because you love them both does not mean you can play with them together and act as if they are one person.

Yes, spend time with both of them. Let them both interact with one another, but also have one-to-one time with them.

Remind them how they are loved individually and you can do activities that they are solely interested in.

For example, my son is obsessed with transportation. So, when I spend one-to-one time with them, I choose some kind of vehicle for us to play with. My daughter doesn’t have interests yet, but I introduce new things to her every day waiting for her to show her personality.

You must spend time with your children. If you do not play with them for an hour or two a day, trust me this will affect them negatively.

For your children to learn about the world around them, they need to interact with you and others. Introduce new things to them, challenge them and love them. 

5. If You Are Doing Your Best, Accept That!

Not everything in your life is going to be perfect when you have children. Your children will cry, and you will sometimes too. Things will go wrong, and it does not mean you are a bad mom.

If you are doing your best and you believe you are doing your best, then that makes you a great mom. It is hard to accept everything you do but nothing is perfect and nothing will ever be perfect no matter how much you try.

Trust yourself and be confident!

You are a great mom because you are here reading how to be a great mom. Believe in yourself because we as women go through so many struggles in life with daily feminine problems to stressing out ourselves because of our kids.

If your kids are healthy, happy, well dressed, clean, and love you, you are doing great!

Now, it is time for you to make sure you are healthy, happy, well dressed, clean, and love yourself!

I am Halimeh Salem. I am a childcare teacher and the founder of a mommy blog, Crying Toddlers. I have a passion for writing, and I founded my own blog to help women overcome the obstacles of pregnancy and motherhood. In my free time, I love playing with my two children, Sama and Basem. Come check out my site!