Alessandra Kaminski

30 Ways To Have A Screen-Free Summer

Summer vacation is finally here! Our kids are super excited about it but we as moms and stay-at-home moms kind of dread it in ways though, right?

Amy Saunders

10 Easy Ways to Involve New Dads in Baby Care

Giving birth the first time was terrifying, traumatic, messy and beautiful all at the same time. I was totally unprepared for the episiotomy, gigantic, postpartum mommy diapers, hemorrhoids, sleep-deprivation and cracked and bleeding nipples. And the emotions, oh, my! I felt like I was alone in my suffering, because it’s human nature to feel that way in the midst of such shocking and excruciating changes.

Erin Artfitch

5 Highly Effective Natural Remedies for Stretch Marks

Stretch marks happen to the best of us. During your pregnancy, you followed every stretch mark prevention regimen known to man: you slathered on the creams, drank plenty of fluids, and even tried rubbing your bump down with coconut oil. And yet your body is still covered with strawberry tiger stripes.


Signs Your Toddler is Ready for a Big Kid Bed

How do you know if your toddler is ready to move from a crib to a bed? Most children will move from their crib to a toddler bed or regular bed between 18 months and three years old. Many sleep experts recommend keeping your toddler in their crib for as long as possible.

Klara Walterova

10 Vegan Foods That Are Safe to Give To Your Baby

Everything is ready and in place for your new baby – and so are you. You’ve spent countless hours reading and preparing for THAT moment. Nothing can scare you. Oh, wait – one thing might. You are vegan and you want to feed your baby with vegan food.


10 Ways to Save Money Every Month on your Grocery Bill

Having a baby changes you, we all know that, but one of the biggest changes I had to make was to my spending! My grocery bill, in particular, was ever so slightly out of control. I had to learn how to save money grocery shopping pretty fast in order to financially survive maternity leave and the easiest way I found was to save money on groceries.