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9 Simple Ways to Pass Time During the Third Trimester of Pregnancy

Each trimester of pregnancy lasts about 3 months, but for some very strange reason, the third trimester always feels A LOT longer.

Why is the third trimester so hard also?

Today I’ll be sharing with you 9 ways to pass time during the last part of your pregnancy.

You’ve probably already got your hospital bags packed and you’re waiting for your contractions to start.

But hold your horses!

Many of us are just eager to meet our babies (and to be able to sleep on our bellies again) but often forget or have no idea how much life changes once children come into the picture.

It’s not that you won’t be able to have fun, but the logistics of it all gets a lot more complex.

I get that the 3rd trimester can be tough, I’ve been there twice.

At this point, you haven’t been able to see your toes in months, and you can’t make it up the stairs without feeling winded.

To make things worse, you’ve probably already started receiving calls from random family members (your 2nd cousins’ twice removed auntie Jackie ) inquiring about when baby should get there.

If this is you, I just want to tell you that I understand.

But before you go off trying to find ways to induce labor, consider these nine tips to surviving the third trimester. They’ll help you kill the time as you wait for your baby and you’ll enjoy yourself!

1. Get a Massage

Pregnancy puts a lot of added weight and stress on your body.

Stress can manifest itself physically in the form of painful inflammation. Many pregnant moms who are achy during their 3rd trimester generally ignore the pain as they attribute it to their being pregnant.

Physical pain that is related to stress, is often a late physiological response to damage that has already taken place.

Learning how to push during childbirth and avoid tearing takes a lot of relaxation and patience.

Did you know that stress affects your pelvic muscles? Tense pelvic muscles can lead to a longer and more challenging childbirth experience. I was shocked to learn this from my chiropractor!

Book an appointment with an RMT and get yourself a well-deserved massage.

I went and got a massage late in my 3rd trimester and I swear to you I could hear the angels singing. It was so incredibly relaxing and I felt more relaxed!

2. Get Adjusted

There are many benefits to getting chiropractic adjustments during pregnancy.

A chiropractic adjustment is basically manual manipulation of the spine and its purpose is to correct structural alignment. Your body won’t function optimally or heal itself properly when it’s off balance.

Getting adjusted during pregnancy is very important. That’s why it’s first on my list of things to do to prepare your body for an easy labor!

Adjustments are especially important in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy when your body is under the most stress.

Stress tightens up the pelvis, making childbirth more difficult and putting you at a higher risk of c-section.

Your pelvis is a key player in childbirth – it’s the bony passage through which your baby must pass to exit the comforts of your womb and enter into the world! Not only do adjustments realign and make the pelvis more flexible to accommodate the baby, they are said to help get baby into a position that is ideal for birth.

I neglected getting adjusted during my first pregnancy until the very end, but with my 2nd child, I went in every 2 weeks. I highly recommend this!

Not only will you feel better but it’s another great way to pass time as you wait for your baby.

3. Enjoy a Night Out With the Girls

You’ll be way too exhausted to go out on the weekend with the girls for tapas and drinks, once your baby arrives.

Put on that cute outfit you just bought and enjoy a night out with the girls! You may not be able to bust out all your usual dance moves but at least you’ll have fun!

4. Enjoy a Night Out With Your Honey

Listen, having a newborn in the house changes things for everyone, including dad.

You will both be exhausted. Date nights will go from dinner at a fancy restaurant to falling asleep before 8 pm on a Friday night.

I remember going on a date with my husband about 2 months after my 2nd child was born.

He took me on a romantic drive after dinner and I slept the whole time. I was exhausted. Till this day I have no idea what we really did that night.

The only memories I have are from pictures my hubby took of me breastfeeding my son at the restaurant haha!

5. Get a Mani & Pedi

You can’t see your toes anyway and you probably haven’t mastered putting nail polish on your other hand flawlessly. I remember getting a pink glitter mani and a blue mani before the births of my daughter and my son.

It was fun way to prepare for their arrivals! Why not treat yourself before baby arrives?

6. Get Your Hair Done

Once the baby arrives, you probably won’t have time to sit in a chair for hours to get your hair done. Treat yourself to a nice trim, cut, and style before the baby is born.

7. Pamper Yourself Silly

Find a spa and get everything done.

Get a facial, get your brows threaded, and get a wax if you’re up for it.

You’ll probably be couped up at home for a while once your baby is born, so take advantage of the time you have now to pamper yourself!

8. Go Shopping

Spend some time at the mall and get something for yourself. I spent my 3rd trimester going through the same 2 outfits. If I wasn’t in leggings and a t-shirt, I was in a nursing tank and shorts.

That was all I felt comfortable wearing.

It wasn’t long before I started feeling really blah about myself. What actually helped me feel better, was buying myself something nice to wear.

If you’re struggling with your body image during this final stretch of pregnancy. Consider treating yourself to a new outfit. It can really do wonders for your confidence!

9. Rest

Last but certainly not least, REST. I’m a busybody and always have trouble RESTING.

I don’t think I ever rested enough during my pregnancies. Once you’ve got everything prepped for baby, REST.

It’s important that your body be in tip-top shape for labor and for the days following your baby’s birth. REST now, your body will thank you later!

I hope you enjoyed these tips to surviving your pregnancy and try out a couple of these suggestions!

What will you be doing to pass time during the final stretch of this pregnancy?

Hey, I'm Mallaury! I'm a child of God, a wife to an incredible man, and a mama to 2 babies - a 2 yr old girl and an 11 month old boy who both keep us laughing and on our feet all day. I started Life of a Babe as a way to rediscover my passions (they kinda get lost in all the crazy motherhood mess right?!) and as a way to share my journey in hopes of helping and inspiring other young wives and mamas such as myself. I started blogging while on maternity leave from my corporate job and thanks to that incredible man I told you about (my hubby), I am able to pursue my dream of blogging and share my story in hopes of connecting with and inspiring other mamas!

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Oh man, I remember the third trimester well. It was mostly me vacillating between thinking, “GET THIS BABY OUT!” and “I’m terrified; please stay in forever.” I went through a big puzzle phase in my last few weeks of pregnancy, and I also kind of went inward and didn’t feel like talking much. Puzzles helped calm my nerves. Oh, and of course I did a LOT of the endless folding and re-folding of baby clothes and eating ice cream. Definitely should have gone for a massage, seen a movie and SLEPT! Great post 🙂Reply to Samantha
I know right?? Most of us are a hot mess in the 3rd tri and don’t know what we want LOL. I was actually the opposite. I was restless and constantly wanted to do things (never wanted to fold clothes though lol) and go out. Funny how we all cope differently. Thanks for sharing your experience. Love your blog and your OOTDs. xxReply to Mallaury