Diaper Bag 101: What to Pack When Packing for Two

Do you remember the first time you packed a diaper bag?

Did you go through a ton of Google searches to get ideas?

Even when you thought you did your research, there may have been some mistakes made along the way.

You may have overpacked, underpacked, or maybe even not packed much of what you needed.

Through trial and error, you were able to become a pro. Now that you have a little one joining the crew, here are the basics of what to pack for your baby and toddler.

Diaper Bag for Two

You’ll need a bigger diaper bag if your old faithful feels a little snug when packing for just one.

This is the perfect time to upgrade your diaper bag. Stylish leather diaper bags at Azaria are both fashionable and large enough to fit everything you need for two children.

When looking for a new diaper bag, look for those that have two individual compartments to help you keep each kid’s things organized.

If you plan on packing for yourself such as your wallet, your phone, cosmetics, and any other of your essentials, make sure that your new diaper bag has room for you too so that you’re making it easier on yourself by not lugging around a handbag on top of a diaper bag — unless you prefer it that way.

Extra Clothes

Just because you have a toddler doesn’t mean your oldest is in the clear, especially if they’re potty training.

If you know you’ll be gone for a long period of time, pack an extra outfit for baby and toddler. Whether it’s a missed potty opportunity or an unforeseen event, an extra set of clothes will allow you to be worry-free whatever comes your way.

Newborns tend to have more blowouts. The thing about blowouts is that you never know when they will occur. It can happen while they are strapped in their car seat, while they’re down for their nap, and even in the middle of a grocery store run.

Knowing that you have an extra set of clothes will make things so much easier on you.

The cleaning may not be as simple, but at least you have peace of mind knowing that you’re covered if the unfortunate should happen.


This one is obvious. Make sure to keep your diaper bag stocked with enough diapers for each child. Make it a habit to restock the diaper bag the night before.

When you’re in a hurry, it may look like you have diapers so it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Do the same with baby wipes. Moms tend to use wipes as a “clean-all” as a quick way to clean sticky hands or face from a snack, a mess in the car or strollers, and other spills.

Along with diapers and wipes, be sure to always carry a few plastic bags so you can store soiled diapers, wipes, and clothes until you get home.

You may be in a public place where you don’t have access to a nearby garbage so it’s best to make sure you have somewhere to store anything soiled to hold you over until you’re able to get home.

Meals and Snacks

If you’re breastfeeding, carry a breastfeeding blanket and pads.

To be safe, leave a box full of nursing pads in your diaper bag separate from your other stash.

That way, you should be stocked up for a while since it could last you a long time if you don’t go through pads like crazy. If your baby is on formula, pack enough servings for a few feedings, a few bottles, and a portable bottle warmer.

For both types of feedings, make sure you have enough bibs and burp cloths.

For your toddler, you might want to pack some of their favorite snacks, too. A couple of juice boxes, and a sippy cup or two for water.

A second sippy cup is always a great idea since your toddler may drop one on the ground or leave it behind somewhere so having a backup one will save you.

For both your newborn and toddler, you should have bottles of water packed.

Newborn parents will usually use the Nursery Purified Water to make the baby formula since it’s said to be safer than regular bottled water because of their distillation process.

While it may be okay for your toddler to drink water from a regular bottle of water, your newborn on the other hand, needs to make sure to stay away from the fluoride and other minerals that are found in those water bottles.

If you don’t want to spend money on buying two types of water bottles, your toddler is safe to drink your newborn’s water during these short trips out of the house.


Whether it’s teethers, pacifiers, soothing gel, sunblock, a first aid kit, infant and toddler ibuprofen, nail clippers, or chapstick, be sure to pack all medications or remedies both of your children will need.

A travel size thermometer is often overlooked but can be really useful at times, especially when your baby is teething, as teething may cause mild temperatures, or after receiving shots from the doctor, since shots can also cause mild fevers at times.

Another item you should include in your kit is a bulb syringe that can help clear your baby’s stuffy nose along with saline wipes for those “stuffy nose” days.

And of course, don’t ever forget to pack their lovies.

Whether it’s their favorite blanky they can’t take naps without, or their favorite plush animal they can’t leave at home, you’ll want to have these on hand whenever they need soothing — especially during naptime or a meltdown.

It may seem like an overwhelming list but chances are you’ve done this rundown before.

Since you’ve had practice with your first, it should be like muscle memory in no time.

Over to you – what are you most essential item you need in your diaper bag? Share in the comments!

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