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10 Easy Ways to Involve New Dads in Baby Care

Giving birth the first time was terrifying, traumatic, messy and beautiful all at the same time.

I was totally unprepared for the episiotomy, gigantic, postpartum mommy diapers, hemorrhoids, sleep-deprivation and cracked and bleeding nipples. And the emotions, oh, my!

I felt like I was alone in my suffering, because it’s human nature to feel that way in the midst of such shocking and excruciating changes.

What A New Mom REALLY Needs In Her Hospital Bag For Birth

Hey new-to-be mama!

Your about ready to pop and feeling all the emotions about having a baby….trust me, I remember!

I also remember how frazzled I was about packing my hospital bag for labor and birth. I wanted to include IT ALL and with with my first son, I did just that. We had two, yes count them TWO bags with us during our whopping one-night all-inclusive stay at resort hospital.

How the Story of My Premature Boy Can Help First Time Moms

People often compliment my premature son because they haven’t seen a 1-year-old so active.

I always smile, and with wholehearted joy, I explain that my son is actually 2 years-old. And then I say, out of habit, “He’s just small.”

But he’s not just small.

My son was born at 31 weeks of gestation after many complications with my pregnancy.