What A New Mom REALLY Needs In Her Hospital Bag For Birth

Hey new-to-be mama!

Your about ready to pop and feeling all the emotions about having a baby….trust me, I remember!

I also remember how frazzled I was about packing my hospital bag for labor and birth. I wanted to include IT ALL and with with my first son, I did just that. We had two, yes count them TWO bags with us during our whopping one-night all-inclusive stay at resort hospital.


9 Survival Tips For Raising Toddler Boys

When I was pregnant for the first time, I wanted a boy – so when we found out that we were indeed expecting a baby boy, I was ecstatic.

I dreamed of the messy faces that were soon to come.

The Tonka trucks and Hot Wheels explosion on my living room floor and the rambunctious chaos – I couldn’t wait!

Everyone and their mother told me that having boys was so much easier than girls…