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Lessons I’ve Learned from Taking a Break from Social Media

Everyone has seen one.

The “perfect” social media mom.

Their homes perfectly pristine and modern, their children adorably dressed to the nines each day.

They are the ones with 6 packs at 8 months pregnant.

The ones that don’t wear makeup but have flawless skin.

They have perfect relationships with their spouses, and make a perfect restaurant worthy meal each time they cook.

It’s hard not compare your lives to these women, and to question ourselves and wonder why we don’t have it all together just like them.

So I took a social media break.

I’m going on my 5th month and this is what I’ve learned so far:

1. My Daughter is Still Happy Even Though She Doesn’t Have Designer Clothes

I look at her everyday in complete admiration that I’ve been able to grow and raise this tiny miracle. She’s beautiful regardless of what is on her tiny little body.

She may not match each day, or get out of her pajamas until noon but she’s so stinking happy, and that alone makes me feel like a success as a mom.

2. Less Time Comparing More Time Making Memories

I think it’s interesting how our culture is always so concerned about what other people are doing. I think back to a time when social media was non existent, so when we went on vacation or a child did something funny or cute it was enjoyed in that moment.

I think being the only one to witness it, is an incredibly special feeling.

It takes back that magic of life when you view things without a camera or phone in front of your face.

3. I Don’t Really Have to Get Dressed Up Everyday to Be a Good Mom

Let’s be honest, as a stay at home mom my daughters needs surpass my own.

It’s ok that I don’t wake up, put on full makeup and get dressed up just to sit at home and take care of a toddler.

I never want my daughter to look at me and think that’s what she has to do to feel beautiful, because her beauty should come from within.

4. It’s Ok to Be Real

A lot of us may feel like we can’t be real on social media.

We worry we will get judged because our kids hair isn’t brushed, or because we don’t appear to have it all together.

People are so quick to jump down each other’s throats, and mommy shaming is sadly rampant these days.

Showing our true selves can sometimes be hard. I look up to the women that can be real because it makes me realize that I’m not the only that’s not reaching for perfection.

I just want my daughter to be happy, our family to be happy, and have more love then we know what to do with.

I may not look like the perfect mom on the outside, and let’s be honest I never will, but it doesn’t change my capacity to be a great mother, wife or human being.

I will eventually make my comeback to social media at some point, because I do see the positive in it as well, but maybe not today.

If you find yourself comparing your life to one of these women, look in the mirror at the person staring back at you. She is beautiful, she is amazing, she is you, and there isn’t anyone better to be.

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I keep on reading your blog, Crystal. I learn that being off with social media can’t cause any harm from you. Your blog helps us to realize how to be real to ourselves by not comparing ourselves to others.Reply to Kami