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5 Simple Self-Care Tips for Busy Moms

Do you feel tired or even exhausted at times?

Do you ever feel like you are drowning or overwhelmed with taking care of your kids, maintaining the home, working, cooking, and putting the kids to bed?

I feel the same way at times.

It is very easy for busy moms to get so wrapped up in their responsibilities that we feel like we have no time for ourselves.

What would you say if I told you that no matter how busy you are there are super simple things that you can do for self-care?

I would say, “Tell me everything!”

Which is exactly what I plan to do!

As a busy working mom, you need to know that self-care is important and that you are more than deserving of it.

Why Moms Deserve Self-Care

Moms have a very important duty because we fill a role that no one else can.

Moms are the emotional backbone of their family unit and that is why moms deserve self-care.

We are always there for our kids when they are hurt. We spend many sleepless nights sleep training, breastfeeding, healing our sore nipples, teaching them, and preparing them for the world.

We do this because we love and care for our families and because we want to.

Taking time for self-care can make us feel guilty at times but this is truly one of the best things that you can do for your family.

With all of the love, effort, and support that we pour into our families, we definitely deserve and need self-care.

Why Is Self-Care Important

Self-care is important to maintain a healthy family unit and it is also key to maintaining your physical, mental and emotional health as well. Self-care is necessary for our well-being.

It is important for moms to practice self-care because we are setting a good example for our kids to learn how to take good care of themselves as they grow older.

Motherhood is too precious not to enjoy it. If we don’t take out time for self-care then our responsibilities may seem like more of a burden to us, or even worse we could even lack the energy and spirit to carry them out in a way that we should.

Even if you take out a small measure of time for yourself whenever you can it will do wonders for you and your family.

Not only do you need self-care but your family needs you to have self-care too. How can you enjoy family life and take care of your kids if you can’t take care of yourself?

5 Super Simple Self-Care Tips for Busy Moms

Is it possible to make time for self-care when you have no time?

Many busy moms feel like self-care is on a wish list for them to attain after their kids grow up.

We may not have time to devote an entire day to go to the spa on the regular, but self-care is possible for every mom to practice no matter how little time you may have.

Self-care is an important part of parenting and here are 5 super simple tips for busy moms to practice self-care:

1. Set Goals

Personal enrichment is important to gaining personal satisfaction and maintaining good health.

Setting small easily attainable goals will lead to you reaching your bigger life goals.

2. Have a Glass of Wine

Red wine truly is relaxing and just one glass every evening is also heart-healthy. In moderation, red wine can raise your good cholesterol while lowering the bad cholesterol.

Scientists say that the resveratrol found in red wine reduces stress by shutting down the stress and depression-causing enzyme.

f you didn’t already have a reason to enjoy a glass of wine now you have two!

3. Relax by the Fireplace

I love a good wood-burning fireplace. If it is getting cooler where you live then this is perfect for you to start now.

You can relax by the fireplace and if you have a fire pit in the backyard that is even better! You can enjoy the sunset while sitting around your fire pit making s’mores!

If you don’t already have a fire pit then this is a good reason to get one.

4. Rent from Redbox or Binge

Watch your favorite show! Many women use TV as a stress management tool.

The movie industry became triumphant during the Great Depression because it gave people a way to escape from the stressors of life.

It is nice for me to be able to take out a little time to escape from reality while watching my favorite TV show and that’s ok because I am okay with coming back to reality afterward.

5. Do Nothing

I saved the best for last. Out of all of the tips, this one at first may seem farther from reach than the others but I promise it’s not.

Even the busiest of the busy working moms can make time to do nothing. It’s called taking a mental health day and you can choose to use it however you see fit.

For us working moms, we may choose to take PTO and not work that day.

You could tell your family: “I am taking a day off from dinner, who wants pizza?” My family is always game for pizza night.

My babies are still little so every once and a while I will take PTO from work and spend the day having snuggle time with my little ones.

The Takeaway

These 5 tips for practicing self-care are super simple and effective. These are tips especially for the busy moms that have very little time to themselves.

Self-care is important so make sure that you are practicing small measures of self-care each day – and you get bonus points if you combine the tips on the list!

So tonight after we put the kids to bed, let’s have a glass of wine while we sit by the fireplace and binge-watch our favorite show.

Sounds like my kind of night!

Carolyn Garrett is a WAHM, Registered Nurse, and married homeschool mom of two. She definitely has a lot to juggle and she empowers overwhelmed busy working moms to achieve work-life balance without going insane. You can see more on her blog, or join her Facebook Group Busy Mom Life.

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