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22 New Dad Gifts to Celebrate Parenthood

Is there an awesome dude in your life that’s about to become a dad?

Finding those new dad gifts is just as important as celebrating mom and baby!

Becoming a new parent can be just as exciting for men as it is for women – and it should be celebrated for new dads too!

Yes, women get a whole nine months to adjust to the idea of being a new parent as their bodies change and adapt to the growing child baby inside of them.

Dads get to watch the miracle of pregnancy and birth happen from the outside.

Perhaps it’s not as intimate an experience for men but, trust me, it’s just as exciting and scary and confusing!

While the mom-to-be is being showered with gifts and (well-deserved) care and attention, let’s not forget the men who are front-and-center in preparing for a new life as a parent with their partners.

So, if you do know someone who is about to embark into the unknowns of fatherhood for the first time, here are some amazing new dad gifts you can give him to celebrate parenthood:

22 Amazing New Dad Gifts!

1. Swaddler

Swaddling means wrapping the baby up in a cloth to restrict the movement of their limbs and simulate the feeling of being nestled snugly in the womb.

It helps to prevent their natural reflex and encourage sleep.

Swaddling with just a blanket can be as easy as assembling an Ikea dresser, so help out the new dad in your life by giving him a swaddler that is easy to put on.

2. White Noise Machine

Along with swaddling, white noise can remind the baby of being in the womb and also help them get to sleep and stay asleep.

Babies tend to cry for no obvious reason, so trying to calm a fussy baby can be stressful for a new dad.

Gift him a white noise machine to help him soothe his little one and get some well-deserved peace.

Check out the VTech Baby Sleep Soother that offers five calming melodies and five ambient sounds as well as white noise!

3. Coffee Subscription

Even if the new dad can get his baby to sleep at night doesn’t mean the baby is going to stay asleep at night. He may need some good java in the morning to perk up for the day.

Why not send him a weekly or monthly coffee subscription?

That way, he can get a variety of fresh beans delivered right to his door.

Check out these coffee subscription boxes.

4. Coffee Maker

Now that he has the coffee, a perfect new dad gift is a coffee maker!

Coffee makers that use k-cups are quick to get started and super easy to clean – not only leaving more time for his little one but shortening the time it takes to get some caffeine into his system!

5. Personalized Coffee Travel Mug

The new dad is also going to need a mug to drink his freshly brewed coffee. A travel mug is perfect, especially if he has to be out the door and on the go.

Yetis are all the rage in insulated tumblers right now because they do an amazing job of keeping hot beverages hot for longer periods of time.

6. Bottle Warmer, Brush, and Drying Stand

Whether his little one is breastfed or not, the new dad will at some point need to take over feeding duties using bottles.

A bottle set that includes a bottle warmer, brush and drying stand is the perfect gift for new dads to make prep and clean up easier than ever.

7. Baby Carrier

Yes, babies are small and lightweight, but they can easily tire out the new dad’s arms if he’s carrying his little one around all of the time.

That’s why a sturdy baby carrier will come in handy, so dad can keep his baby close while being able to move around freely during the day.

When we had our twins, we both bought the same Ergobaby carrier and loved them! We took our twins for a walk after dinner every day for that first year!

Me and hubby carrying our twins!

8. Babywearing Hoodie

There are many benefits to babywearing – it helps the baby feel safe and comforted while helping to stabilize temperature and heart rate.

As the new dad is wearing his baby, he should look stylish too!

Babywearing hoodies are perfect for looking good and feeling comfortable while carrying a baby. This hoodie has a detachable front pocket design, so it can be worn as a regular hoodie as well!

9. Protective Underwear

If you’re a man, you get it. If not, here me out:

When babies get older, they kick…a lot. New dads holding their babies either in their arms or in a carrier will quickly learn the risks of having little legs kicking toward their nether regions.

Hence the invention of Fridaballs, a brand of protective underwear described as being “designed to protect both your [frida]balls + your lineage.”

They feature a reinforced protective pouch that holds a foam cup to protect the new dad from unexpected heel bonks.

If it’s not practical it’s at the very least a hilarious gift any new dad would get a kick out of!

10. Diaper Bag

When you take a baby out and about, you need to pack a lot of stuff. Help the new dad out by giving him a handy diaper bag.

Long gone are the days of carting around bright and colorful totes full of diapers, bottles, wipes and etc. Now you can find diaper bags that actually look like backpacks – making them super stylish and easy to carry around.

11. Diaper Caddy

A diaper caddy will help the new dad keep all of his baby’s essential items within reach so he doesn’t have to beeline through every room of the house!

He can use a diaper caddy to store diapers, wipes, receiving blankets, extra onesies, bathing supplies – whatever he may need! He can even keep on in the car while out and about.

12. Diaper Genie

Diaper Genies are handy little garbage cans designed to hold dirty diapers and reduce their smell in the home.

It’s one of those baby items most people won’t buy for themselves – which is why you should grab one for the new dad! It will make diaper changing routines easier and, well, less smelly.

13. Matching T-Shirt and Onesie

I know that moms tend to get excited about wearing matching outfits with their babies, but new dads can get in on the adorableness too!

There are so many super cute matching t-shirt and onesies for dads and babies, including this one that has a slice of pizza on the onesies and a pizza with a slice missing on the t-shirt.

14. Comfy Pants and Slippers

Being a new parent, as we know, is exhausting and even a new dad needs to find a way to relax and unwind every now and then.

You can help encourage some downtime by giving him some comfy lounging pants and slippers to wear in the evening after his little one is swaddled and put to bed.

15. Jogging Stroller

Becoming a new dad doesn’t mean giving up on fitness activities and goals. Jogging strollers are perfect for dads who enjoy running or even walking on a regular basis.

Jogging strollers are designed with sturdy suspension systems to provide a smooth ride for baby while dad picks up the speed!

16. Selfie Stick

What new parent doesn’t want to take a ton of selfies and create some awesome memories?

Instead of trying to balance a baby and a phone, give the new dad a selfie stick to capture the sweet moments of fatherhood and the goofy ones as well!

17. Smartphone Stroller Mount

Another great new dad gift is a smartphone stroller mount!

While dad is pushing his little one around in the stroller, he can mount his phone to listen to music, watch videos, or track his progress on a fitness app.

This one is adjustable for all smartphones and easy to install on strollers.

18. Portable Phone Charger

We wouldn’t want the new dad’s phone to die while he’s out and about with his little one, which is why a portable phone charger makes for a great new dad gift.

This portable phone charger is designed to give two full phone charges and only takes about 4 hours to recharge through USB.

19. Baby Monitor

Even when his little one is sleeping, the new dad will want to keep an eye on them to ensure they are safe and snug.

Baby monitors have a long way from the old-school one-way radios.

Now you can get baby monitors that feature video and two-way communication, like this really cool one from VTech.

20. Baby Car Mirror

To keep little ones safe in the car, their seats must be rear-facing in the backseat until they reach a certain age and/or weight. This can make it difficult to keep an eye on baby while driving.

You can make this easier for the new dad by giving him a baby car mirror.

This way, he can keep an eye on his little one through his rearview mirror while also keeping his eyes on the road.

21. Personalized Book

Any new dad is going to be sentimental about the birth of his precious baby – and you can make the moment even more tearjerking by gifting him a personalized dad book.

There are many sites out there that will insert the name of the father and child into the book as well as personalize the character’s appearances. You can check out a few here.

22. Book of Dad Jokes

Okay, maybe a baby isn’t going to appreciate a good dad joke at such an early age.

In fact, no child ever really appreciates them at any age!

That doesn’t mean the new dad shouldn’t be prepared to drop a few groan-worthy jokes as their little one grows. Get him started by giving him a book of dad jokes!

Help New Dads Celebrate Parenthood!

There isn’t a dad-to-be out there that wouldn’t appreciate a gift that will make fatherhood a little easier!

When you’re perusing baby registries or thinking about gifts for the mom-to-be, make sure you put the new dad on your list.

Did I miss anything?

What other new dad gifts can you think of?

Let me know in the comments!

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