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Moms Are Superheros : Here’s Why

My mom would tell me these statements during the course of my childhood and they would go in one ear and out the other.

These statements were purely just mothers’ warnings/wives’ tales until January 14, 2021.

Have you heard any of these? I know your mom said at least one of these!

“Always leave the house with clean underwear.”

“Never go to sleep angry.”

“Mothers have adrenaline that can lift cars.”

It was a Thursday, like any other. I got up, made breakfast, had a cup of coffee and took my youngest daughter to school.

On this particular Thursday, I had worn my absolute favorite pair of pajama bottoms to bed the night before and I debated just wearing them in the car to drop off at school.

They were about 15 years old, worn to the point of being transparent, and had a huge hole in the back near the elastic band.

Even though they were amazing, I opted to put on leggings instead – but abandoned brushing my hair or washing my face.

My daughter, Spencer, and I rushed around and I hurried her to the car. I forgot to kiss my husband and my other daughter, Emerson, in our mad dash out the door.

The Close Call

Here is how that day went:

7:10 am – we were on our way to school.

7:14 am – a man driving a pickup truck ran a red light going 40 mph and hit my car knocking us over two lanes of traffic, over a median, and into oncoming traffic. He hit the passenger side where Spencer was sitting.

Everything turned white when the airbags exploded. I was screaming “Let me hear you!” but Spencer was silent.

My heart was breaking.

What seemed like 20 minutes, may have been 20 seconds, but this is how fast things change. She finally whispered, “Mommy, I am ok.”

When the car stopped spinning, Spencer, who was fine, but shocked, was stuck. Her arm was jammed between the seat and the door.

I was so scared we were going to get hit again since we were in oncoming traffic during rush hour traffic.

I wanted to get her out of the car. I grabbed her and pushed on the door and somehow released her arm and pulled her through the driver’s side and out of the car.

Later, she said, “Mommy, I knew you were strong, but I never knew you were that strong”. I told her “When it comes to our babies, Mommys are superhuman. We can lift cars to save you.”

Everyone was fine. Everyone walked away. There was an angel that wrapped her beautiful wings around Spencer and I thank her every day.

What I Learned That Day

But, there were so many lessons learned that day.

Be grateful and live each day to the fullest, being two of the most important lessons.

But, yes Mom was right. All those warnings, she nailed it.

This may seem ridiculous in retrospect, but I’m glad I didn’t have my torn pajamas on, with my bottom hanging out for the world to see. I just didn’t need that extra spice to my life at that moment. I was glad I had clean pants on.

I didn’t say I love you to Greg or Emerson before I left that day. That will not happen again.

Being rushed to get out the door is a norm, but yelling I love you or giving someone a hug or kiss will not make or break a timeframe.

You never want to walk away mad or not say I love you because you are not guaranteed a next time. Don’t have regrets.

Mothers are superhuman. When it comes to our kids, there are no boundaries.

I don’t mean just physical either. Mental, emotional, spiritual – we will sacrifice anything for the health, happiness and safety of our kids.

It is in your DNA. You don’t even have to think about it, you just do it. .. every day in big and small ways.

So starting tomorrow, begin wearing clean leggings to morning carpool, say I love you or give hugs and kisses (no matter how rushed or how mad you are) and remember that you, mom, are a superhero.

Hi! I am Tara Croom, 46, and I live in Charlotte, NC with my wonderful husband, Greg, and two daughters, Emerson,  and Spencer.  After years in the Corporate America, I became a stay at home mom 10 years ago. Like all moms, I wear many hats and just do my best each day.  Blogging has always been a hobby and cathartic experience for me. My family has a true passion to travel and after a trip to Iceland, I began writing a travel blog,,   However, Covid happened, so a travel blog became a bit tough to write and I switched gears, so now its more of a  travel through life blog.  I am a big believer that  being normal is overrated and always being yourself is amazing!

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You are Momazing!! Amazing Mom and person! So lucky to have had the wonderful opportunity to be your “Roomie”!Reply to Carrie
Thank you for sharing! Thankful you and your daughter are ok. Your blog is wonderful! I always think to myself stop being in a hurry. Slow down and appreciate everyday. Being 3 minutes late is not worth it. I hope you are doing wonderful!Reply to Debbie