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10 Ways to Involve Dad-to-be in the Pregnancy

Having a bun in the oven can be one of the most exciting periods of your life.

You are often showered with love and presents for the majority of this time.

That is great and you should enjoy it as much as you can, but that can sometimes result in the dad-to-be feeling left out and neglected.

Here are ten ways how you can involve him during every step of the pregnancy.

Find a Unique and Unforgettable Way to Tell Him the News

To include your partner from the very beginning, he needs to be the first person you share this amazing news with.

Try to find a unique way to tell him you are expecting a child. For example, you can save the pregnancy test and give it as a present for him to unwrap.

You can also consider getting him a “dad-to-be” shirt or something similar.

Even though he will not forget this moment ever, you should still put some effort into it to make him feel honored and special.

Make the Announcement to Your Friends and Family Together

When the time comes for other people to know, you should make the pregnancy announcement together.

There are plenty of creative ways to share your big news. For instance, you could do it casually over Facetime or during a family gathering.

On the other hand, you could go for something bigger, such as an Instagram post showing the picture of your sonogram. Saying “We’re expecting!” will make the dad-to-be feel included and super proud.

Invite Him and His Friends to the Baby Shower

When we think of baby showers, we usually imagine just women sitting around gifting the mom-to-be.

However, inviting your partner and his friends should not be something strange – after all, you are all there to celebrate the near arrival of your baby. You should all be able to enjoy it, so think of some games and topics both men and women can participate in.

Or, on the other hand, if the men are not feeling up for this, they can have their own party to celebrate the great news.

Bring Him to Your Prenatal Doctor’s Appointments

Make sure you put all doctor’s appointments into your partner’s calendar and see whether he would like to accompany you.

Sure, sometimes he won’t be available but going together as much as you can will teach you both about your health and body in addition to showing you how the baby is growing.

The moment you hear the heartbeat is something you will never forget and it’d be nice if you could share it with the baby’s father.

Don’t Forget About His Mental Health

We all know that women can go through antenatal and postnatal depression and anxiety, among other mental health issues, but the stress of having a baby can also affect men.

That is why you cannot neglect the mental health of dads-to-be.

If you decide to join a support group or talk to a therapist about your anxieties and worries, check with your partner whether he’d like to do something similar.

You can even exercise together as that is known to have positive effects on mental health.

Discuss Baby Names Together

Finding a name for your baby you both like might be challenging but it is important that you are both a part of this process.

Are you thinking of some names from your families?

How will the name go with your last name? Do you know someone with that name?

If you don’t know the sex of the baby yet, you can go for some gender-neutral names. Each of you should write down some names and then you can discuss whether you like them or not.

Work Together to Get the Nursery Ready

Sure, moms-to-be usually love to decorate the room and pick out the furniture and art pieces.

However, you cannot exclude the future father from this process. Check whether he has some decorating ideas, whether when it comes to the color scheme or the type and quality of furniture.

If, however, he’s not big on the aesthetics part, he can still help you paint the walls and assemble the crib, dresser or various shelves.

On the other hand, maybe he already has an idea of what he wants the room to look like and, if you agree, let him do everything on his own, as he will be proud of his achievement.

Let Him Talk to the Baby and Touch Your Belly

You can encourage your partner to start talking to the baby from the very start even though it can’t really hear him yet.

If he continues doing this as the baby grows, they will have an easier time connecting. He can talk, sing and read to your baby, whatever he feels like. Furthermore, allow him to place his hands on your belly and touch the baby.

This way, he can feel the little bundle of joy kicking and moving around.

Look For a Baby Book Both of You Can Read

There are so many books when it comes to childbirth, parenting and baby care, so you can definitely find something both of you can read.

You can also learn something new and improve your knowledge.

Look for some recommendations online and try to read one chapter before you go to bed. Discuss what you’ve learned and see whether you agree or not.

Ask Him to Attend Childbirth Classes

Childbirth classes are not for women only. Both of you can learn a lot of invaluable techniques if you decide to attend these classes.

Do some research to find a good but affordable class near you. You can ask around to see whether your friends that are already parents can recommend you a place. If not, go on forums, read online reviews and join various groups to find the best class for you.

If your partner decides to play an active part during birth, you should come up with a birth plan, so that you are all better prepared when the moment comes.

These ten tips are sure to make the dad-to-be feel more involved during pregnancy. You will connect even more and your baby will arrive into a happy family.

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