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10 Ways to Involve Dad-to-be in the Pregnancy

Having a bun in the oven can be one of the most exciting periods of your life.

You are often showered with love and presents for the majority of this time.

That is great and you should enjoy it as much as you can, but that can sometimes result in the dad-to-be feeling left out and neglected.

Here are ten ways how you can involve him during every step of the pregnancy.

For Moms

How a Child Disability Improves Your Parent Relationship

Raising children is never smooth sailing, but in case your child has a disability, you are presented with unique challenges.

From financial difficulties to the many new behaviors a child with a disability may have, your family may have a hard time adjusting to this change.

But, this new change can also bring along multiple opportunities for you and your partner.

As a mom, you will be faced with some unique obstacles and potentially stressful situations.