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6 Ways Travel Brings Families Together

It’s time for a family vacation!  

Does this statement make your cringe?  Does it bring back any memories?

Perhaps you had some amazing family vacations as a child! Let’s just agree that memories made on vacation last forever.

They will be discussed for years to come and will hopefully be positive – or you can choose to only remember the positive ones!

As a mom, vacationing with your family is a little different than any solo or couples travel you’ve done.

It may even seem stressful if you have babies and toddlers.

I was one of those worried moms, but I have since learned how to enjoy my family vacations with twin toddlers and a preschooler!

The great thing is that no matter what happens, travel can bring your family closer together.  

If you are searching for a way to feel more connected to your kids and spouse, look into planning a family vacation!

Continue reading to see five ways your family can become closer while traveling and spending intentional time on vacation together.

1. Parents Are Away From Daily Tasks

One of the most difficult things about spending time together as a family at home is that there is always something to do. You can’t get away from the never-ending to-do list while you are at home.

My husband works six days a week and then does everything else he needs to do around the house on the seventh day. Even when we plan a staycation or a night at home together, all the things we need to get done are still in sight. It makes focusing on each other very difficult.

The amazing thing about a family vacation is that you are literally removing yourself from the mess of stuff you need to do. Out of sight, out of mind!

Personally, I find myself more relaxed when not in my home because I’m not worried about the list of things I should be getting done.

2. Limit Using Technology

I will also mention that technology takes up a lot of our time. We can get stuck scrolling, staring at other people’s highlight reels and miss out on making our own.

Traveling with family is a busy task.  You won’t have that downtime to mindlessly scroll your phone.

It’s almost a blessing in disguise when we visit an area with little to no cell phone service. You can take the time to concentrate on talking to your family, taking your own photos and being present for them.

3. You’re Closer Together (Due to Being In a Small Place)

Most travel happens in a plane or car. Small, moving vehicles where you are physically closer to your family.

If you are planning a road trip – I have some tips on how to survive!

You also learn to share the small space of a hotel room and possibly a bathroom. A lot of times the shared space is much less than you have at home. Due to this, you are literally closer together.

It forces you to be around each other and make conversation. The ultimate hope is that you will enjoy each other.

Of course, the kids might fight. Parents usually aren’t used to this change either and end up in disagreements.

You are learning so much about each other because your normal routine doesn’t involve spending this much time so close together. Try to make the best of it because you will always remember these memories!

4. A Change of Pace Is Refreshing

Who doesn’t enjoy a change of pace?

If you’re a mom, you probably have a pretty regular routine. It may consist of school drop off, house cleaning, grocery shopping, work, dinner planning, bedtime and hoping you have five minutes to take care of yourself somewhere in there.

When you take a family vacation, you will be away from your typical schedule.

You might enjoy things a little differently and treasure parts of your day you don’t normally have.

If your kids are in school, maybe having lunch with them is a whole new experience.

As a stay-at-home mom, having the extra hands of your spouse can make your job a little easier. Experiencing these new times to make memories with your family can bring you closer together.

5. The Time is Planned and Intentional

It’s always good to plan to spend time with your family. From family game night to a visit to your local children’s museum, intentional time together is an important part of keeping your family connected.

When you plan a family vacation, you are making a larger commitment to spend time together.

You are telling your kids that it is important for you to spend this time with them.

It may take more effort than doing something quick and local together. You may have to take off work or rearrange schedules. If you or your spouse has a day job, taking that time off tells your kids that they are the priority in your life.

Little ones are much more observant than we think.

They know when we are overwhelmed and give them only half of our attention. My three year old calls me out on this regularly.

If it’s hard for you to be present and spend intentional time with your kids, traveling with your family will be the perfect opportunity to learn.

6. Experiencing New Places Together

Have you ever received an experience gift? Experiences are more memorable, they leave lasting impressions on you.

I really can’t remember what everyone got my kids for Christmas – various toys I suppose.

However, one person gave my daughter tickets to a princess ball. We spent several hours hearing stories, dancing and having one-on-one interactions with the princesses. That is something we will remember for a long time.

Wherever you are planning to go, you will be exploring new sights and experiencing new activities! It’s a lot of fun to do these things together, as a family.

Perhaps you might see a national landmark and go on a “behind the scenes” tour. City walking tours or bus tours are great for families. Whatever you are doing, be sure to find a fun experience – either created by you or through a tour or excursion company.

It will be something your kids will remember for years to come.

Get Planning!

When you have a vacation planned, it’s something for everyone to look forward to!

I love having a vacation on my calendar. It makes those long days with three kids under four a little bit easier knowing a break is coming soon!

Traveling with babies or toddlers? I’ve made the packing process a little easier for you – Grab my free packing list here!

If you are feeling disconnected from your family, sit down, talk and decide to take an adventure together. Step away from modern technology, social media and “keeping up with the Jones’.”

Get a fresh perspective on what it really means to connect and make memories with the ones you love the most.

Aimee is the creator of Mommy Baby Life where she encourages moms to connect with their families by spending intentional time together through travel and experiences.  Becoming a mom was always top priority, but she never imagined how hard it would be. A self-proclaimed hot mess mom of 3 under 4, (including twins,) Aimee tries to embrace and enjoy this crazy season of motherhood.  Aside from momming, she loves being by the water - beaching, boating or stand-up paddle boarding.

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