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How Moms Can Make the Transition From One to Two Children Easier

Are you a mom with a new baby? Oh, and wait? Also have another child?

Introducing a new baby into the home when you have a little one doesn’t have to be hard. First things first:

Have no expectations!

With a newborn and a toddler everything is great then next you have one baby with a blow out and the other liquid diarrhea running down his leg.

Prioritize, Deep breath you got this, the toddler is mobile so is the liquid diarrhea handle that first.

A box of wipes later you handled your first dose of craziness.

As you already know when it comes to babies there is no planning, things can change in an instant, so being best prepared for any situation is the only way to hope things will go smoothly.

Let’s go through ten ways to make the transition from one baby to two children much easier for you mama!

1. Sleep – Take What You Can Get

Seems impossible right!?

Well if your stubborn like me with the first one, I rarely asked for help.

That went out the window second time around! Whether someone comes over so you can get some shut eye or husband is on duty in the morning for an extra 20minutes.

Take what you can get! It is crazy how much lack of sleep effects us, until we aren’t getting it.

This is crucial in order to survive the long days, especially when your toddler is going crazy!

2. Coordinate Naps

Have your two little ones nap at the same time, so whether it’s sleep or a shower, you have a little bit of time for yourself.

This for me has actually been fairly easy and we’ve gotten into a nice routine of them napping together!

At first my two year old would wake whenever the baby would cry, but it seems he has gotten used to it as time as gone on which is wonderful. They aren’t always coordinated but I try my best and I don’t stress out if they nap at different times.

3. Use a Baby Wrap All The Time

I forgot about this the first week, what a lifesaver!

Makes getting lunch and dinner ready so much easier! It’s so helpful on the days when my little one just doesn’t want to be put down, and my two year old wants to go do something.

Having your hands free for your older one is very beneficial. The wrap has definitely come in handy when it comes to making lunch and dinner.

4.  Have Snacks Available

I have the house stock piled with healthy snacks for my toddler.

It seems that child eats every 15minutes, and having snacks easily accessible helps prevent a meltdown, and can also buy you time if you need to tend to your newborn.

These little tricks definitely come in to play when a meltdown is about to ensue.

5. Have Your Toddler Help Out

Asking my toddler to help do little things has been so beneficial.

He feels important and enjoys it, and it helps me out. Whether he throws a bottle in the sink, or hands me clothes to fold, its giving him extra attention and making him happy.

Keeping him occupied, keeps me sane!

6. Have Dedicated Play Time for Your Oldest Child

When my newborn is sleeping I make sure I pay extra special attention to my 2 year old.

I was nervous about this while I was pregnant but they sleep so much in the beginning, my 2 year old definitely never feels neglected!

7. Break the Rules

With my first I was a stickler on making sure my routine was down pat.

Now with 2, my second ones bedtime varies quite a bit right now depending on the feeding schedule of my new little one.

I still make sure my toddler gets his nap in for sure, because otherwise watch out, but everything else I bend around what is working for the both of them.

Quiet time doesn’t always start on time, and sometimes after a long day in the dirt we skip bath time but that’s okay. Don’t be so hard on yourself trying to stick to a routine in the beginning, it will come in time.

8. It’s Okay to Break Out The iPad or TV

Before the second one my child had never even looked at an iPad, I was completely against it. TV time was limited also.

These two things have been lifesavers and still are used in moderation for us, but not banned.

Thirty minutes on the iPad, or a cartoon can do wonders for your sanity, especially if you have a child that barely sits still!

I’ve learned a little screen time isn’t going to distort and brainwash my child the way I thought before. I’ve become more laid back when it comes to those things for sure.

9. Have a Village Behind You

They say it takes a village to raise a child, I think the sentiment is the same for motherhood!

A support system is vital, whether it’s group message to vent because the day is long, a friend stops by and does a few dishes, or family comes and brings dinner.

TAKE THE HELP!! It’s the little things that will help so much!

10. Have Time for Yourself

After the second, “me” time dwindles even more, and you are pulled in an extra direction that can become overwhelming at times.

Taking a breather, time away from the house just for yourself, whether it’s 30mins or a day of shopping is necessary for your overall mental health.

The happier and healthier you are the better mom you can be for your little ones!

Everyone says the second was is always easier, I never believed it until I lived it! You don’t get a manual with the first one, but you’ve got experience for the second that helps the transition easier.

Hang on for the ride, its a beautiful chaotic journey!

Mom of 2 little boys who are a little over 2 years apart! Navigating through this crazy journey of parenthood and sharing my experiences on my blog MamaBlueX2 and learning from other mommas! I'm all about a happy positive atmosphere! :)

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