6 Ways to Boost Your Immune System Naturally

You know how it goes — you have a great playdate planned and then on your way out the door you realize that one of your kids has a fever.

All those fun plans fly out the door and the rest of your week is filled with sick kids.

No fun.

And then you end up getting sick at the end of all this. It’s the never-ending cycle of runny noses, upset tummy’s and fevers.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could avoid sickness altogether (even for us moms)?

Unfortunately, that’s not possible, especially for little kids with developing immune systems.

But it is possible to strengthen your immune system and get sick less!

Here are some tips for boosting your immune system naturally so you can enjoy a healthy cold and flu season. 

1. Elderberry Syrup

This is a wonderful anti-viral medicine that has been used for basically all of time.

It stimulates the immune system and helps your body make cytokines, which are messengers of the immune system. It has also been proven to shorten or lessen the time of a cold or flu. You can choose from a variety of elderberry syrups, but make sure the one you get has honey in it, not sugar or agave, which will only aggravate your sickness.

2. Vitamin C

Everyone knows that Vitamin C is needed for proper immune function, but what you might not know is that most vitamin C supplements are synthetically derived from GMO corn syrup!

In addition to that, they usually contain only ascorbic acid, which is only part of the vitamin C compound needed by the body. I recommend Pure Radiance C from the Synergy Company, which is derived from whole foods. 

3. Time Outside

Last winter, even though I was using all my favorite natural immune boosters, we were still getting sick! I felt very discouraged.

As spring began to bring slightly warmer days, we began to spend more time outside and that was the point when we stopped getting sick frequently. It can be hard to take kids outside in the winter weather, but the payout is so worth it. Start with a short, 10-minute trip outside, and add more time as you get used to it.

4. Vitamin D

Vitamin D isn’t often listed with immune vitamins, but it is essential for proper immune function. Vitamin D activates the immune system, making it work correctly. It can be received orally or though the skin (think: sunshine!).

Since most synthetic vitamins are not useable by the body, it is best to get a natural, food-based supplement. Cod liver oil is a naturally occurring source of vitamin D and is recognizable by the body. It is also important to spend time in the sun between the hours of 10-2 for about 10-20 minutes so your skin can get the Vitamin D your body needs.

5. Garlic (On Feet or Orally)

Garlic is a well-known medicine for a variety of sicknesses. It is hard to make kids eat raw garlic, and I’m going to be honest— I don’t want to chew on a clove of raw garlic either. But thankfully, garlic can be absorbed through your skin!

Crazy, right? Mince garlic with a garlic press and put it on the soles of your feet. Use 1-2 cloves for each foot. Wrap each foot in plastic wrap to keep the garlic in place. Let its goodness soak into your body for about 5 minutes, then remove the garlic and wipe clean. Don’t leave it on too long or it will begin to burn the skin.

6. Avoid Sugar

Sugar weakens your immune system and leaves you open to attack. Try eating fresh fruits instead, which satisfies your sweet craving and gives you extra vitamins at the same time! It’s a win-win.

So there you have it! Six simple things you can do to help beat the cold and flu this season!

I know this may be an overwhelming list, but try to pick one or two things that you can incorporate into your daily life, and add more remedies as time goes on.

Theresa Schultz is a mom of four and blogger at Digging up the Roots, where she shares her family's story as they build a tiny house and begin their homestead. Theresa is passionate about herbal medicine, healthy food, rewilding, and returning to our roots as humans. To follow the tiny house adventure and read more about healthy living, visit her blog!

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Excellent recommendations! Thanks for sharing!Reply to StephF
This is just what the doctor ordered. Last week, I went out of town to attend a college football game. During the game, it rained and we got wet. Not soaked but just a little wet. We left the game and instead of going to our hotel to take a shower we went across the street to the outlet mall and went shopping. Now we are dealing with coughing, sneezing and a whole lot of nose blowing. I knew about Vitamin C and going outside but I’ve never heard of Elderberry Syrup and Vitamin D! I will definitely try this. I’m all about natural remedies!Reply to Shatoria
I’m glad you found this helpful!!Reply to Theresa