Top 5 Benefits of Co-Sleeping With Your Baby

Why I couldn’t go through with sleep training?

Growing up when sometimes we were grounded or had a fight with our friends or broke up with our boyfriend or girlfriend, we used to cry ourselves to sleep.

How many of those nights would you consider happy memories?

Answer is obviously NO!!!

So, why my tiny little baby, who is not even few months old should think or feel that crying to sleep is ok?

Why should I not co-sleep with my baby?

Please know, I am not judging anyone or questioning anybody. Trust me that’s not my intention.

I am just stating why I couldn’t do it. I just couldn’t hear my baby cry, especially, because I knew why he was crying. He wanted his mom to cuddle him and soothe him.

Babies are such a bundle of joy and for me they are meant to be cuddled, snuggled, loved and hugged every micro second of not just day but NIGHT as well.

Besides, co-sleeping with the baby it’s a new way of life for us (I am an Asian). It’s simple, babies sleep with their parents until they naturally wean and are ready to sleep separately.

So, I was never in doubt that I will be co-sleeping with my baby but during childcare classes we were informed about SIDS and that actually scared us.

The more I read about SIDS online, the scarier it became. I spoke to my mom, friends and other family members about both sleeping options and they all gave me the same answer, “We have been doing it since so many generations and nothing bad has ever happened because of co-sleeping.”

My mom said babies are safest with their mom and I shouldn’t worry about it.

Still, for the first time, I was ready to try sleep training for my baby boy. I must confess, I just couldn’t do it.

For good twenty days me and my husband thought of trying it but every night within two minutes of our baby crying, we would just pick him up and eventually, we decided to go with what we know in our hearts is best for us as a family and that is co-sleeping.

After we made the decision, rest of my journey has been pretty smooth and I would recommend it to all parents.

Top 5 Benefits of Co- Sleeping

1. Everyone Sleeps Better

This is one of the biggest advantages of co-sleeping.

If your baby is sleeping with you, there are less chances of him getting startled at night and crying. Remember how doctors insists on skin on skin immediately after birth to make baby feel secured, sleeping together does the same for baby for the first year at least.

Even though, baby will wake up every two to three hours for feeding but there will be no crying and screaming. Rule is simple if baby sleeps everyone sleeps.

Plus, I feel new parents deserve all the rest they can get.

2. It’s Easier to Feed Your Baby

Needless to say, whenever baby is sleeping next you, feeding becomes a lot easier.

You can feed baby while lying down but if you are too sleepy it is better to sit up and feed, so that you don’t hurt the baby in any way. It still saves you from getting up, running to the nursery, picking up the baby, feeding the baby and then rocking baby back to sleep.

The minute your baby moves a little, you can sleep feed the baby and skip all the above mentioned steps. It might not seem much to read but at night each step is like Herculean task.

My baby is now almost a year old and I can sleep feed him like a pro.

3. Good for Mental Growth

There are tons of researches available, which proves that sleeping with your baby is good for their strong mental growth, better social skills, happier outlook towards life.

Kids who co-sleep with their parents have better self-esteem. Low risk of anxiety related problems.

All in all, what I have realized is when my baby is sleeping with me, he feels safer and wakes up happier. His happy mood then transcends to the entire day to month to year to happier childhood, which makes him a happier adult.

It is like a cyclical motion.

4. Co-Sleeping Keeps Baby Safe from SIDS

For this one I would like to clearly state that I am not a doctor and this is my experience.

I have realized when my baby is sleeping next to me, I am more aware of his presence. I have never forgotten or slept so deep that I forgot my baby is next to me.

My mom was indeed right about mom’s instincts. So, yes I have to ensure he is safely tucked in.

There is no danger in terms of bed, pillows or comforter. If ever my husband had a beer or two he slept in the different room. These are precautions we take till date.

So, addressing the elephant in the room “SIDS,” I have now come to realize my baby is definitely safer with me than in crib or another room.

5. Snuggling Days are So Few

Well! I remember growing up I couldn’t wait to get a room of my own.

Even when I was little 3 year old girl, I wanted my room. I wanted to decorate it and all of sudden my 3 year old self wanted her own space. Growing out of the snuggles is one of the harshest realities of parenthood and I want to savor these relaxed, tiny, fun, snuggly moments as much as I can.

So, mommies out there don’t worry too much. If co-sleeping works for you like it did for me, go for it.

If it doesn’t then also it’s all good. Follow your instincts and heart, they never fail us.

Until then breathe my dear mommies…

I am Sakshi B. Life can change overnight and I am a living breathing example of it. Now, I am mom of an amazing 11 month old baby and a beautiful dog. I have had so many amazing experiences and adventures till now, that I would love to share them and hope it can inspire readers to follow their dreams.

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Our daughter slept in her own room since day 1. I might be different from most moms but I wanted my own space. I also believe that because of this she started sleeping through the night at 7 weeks. I have a monitor and i used to have a camera in her room, so i never was worried about her.Reply to Darya
Hi Sakshi, I love co-sleeping. I am in the US and it is strongly discouraged here so I always hear bad comments every time I share the experience with our doctor and other older mothers. However, if I have to do it again with my future babies, I will in a heartbeat. The benefits of co-sleeping are aplenty compared to its cons.Reply to Donna
I do it too. This is my 3rd son and, yes, just like any other mom in Indonesia, we sleep together with babies. And we don’t sleep on bed. Only on matress that lies on the floor until the baby is big enough to control himself from falling while sleeping. Actually, my second son (8 yo) still sleeps this way.Reply to Diah