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8 Tips on Being Pregnant While Parenting a Toddler

By the time your kid is a toddler, chances are you’ve had so many fun, crazy, and often exhausting experiences with them that you’ve forgotten just what life was like when you were pregnant.

If you’re on your second child (as I currently am), the last time you were pregnant was hugely different for one key reason: you didn’t have to take care of any kids while you were going through your pregnancy. 


7 Tips for Parenting an Active Toddler

If you read the words “active toddler” and wondered if that applied to your little one, let me save you some time. 

It doesn’t.

However, if you read the term “active toddler,” snort-laughed, and thought something along the lines of “yeah, try toddlernado,” or “I hadn’t realized terrorizing the villagers was an activity” this post is for you.