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Leslie Smith, M.A.Ed., is a special education teacher, certified Reading Recovery teacher, and private reading tutor. For the past 25 years she has dedicated herself to teaching reading to children of all ages and abilities. Leslie blogs at, providing parents with the tools, resources and coaching they need to raise kids who are passionate, successful readers. Contact Leslie at [email protected]


How to Read to Your Baby (And Why It’s So Important)

As a new mom, you’ve probably heard that reading to your baby is important.

It might seem a little bit silly, reading to such a tiny little person who can’t even focus on the pages yet but the benefits are undeniable.

Reading aloud has a positive impact on your baby’s development in countless ways.

Why is Reading to Your Baby Important?

Keep reading to discover all the reasons reading aloud to your baby is so valuable. You’ll also learn how easy it is to make it a wonderful experience for both of you.

Reading Aloud to Your Baby is a Powerful Opportunity for Bonding

The time you spend reading to your baby can be precious bonding time.