5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming a Work at Home Mom

When my husband and I first decided that I would stay home after we had our son, the plan was for my new job to be childcare, homemaking, and nothing more.

My husband would take on the full financial burden as long as I could be the primary caregiver and maintain a pleasant home environment.

Then I started blogging for fun and I loved it!

So much so that I was frustrated when I didn’t have time to blog each day. I woke up in the morning wanting to write.


6 Ways to Encourage Independent Play for Your Toddler

As each mom enters the phase of toddler motherhood, we all begin to go a little bonkers at some point.

Toddlers are wonderful and energizing and yet somehow, at the same time, terrifying and exhausting.

If you’re a busy mom, or you work from home, independent play can be a lifesaver.

But how do you encourage independent play for your toddler?

When we decided that it was time for me to start working from home, I spent a lot of time trying out different ways to create the perfect environment to foster independent play for my toddler.