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5 Practical Tips for Surviving Mom Chaos

Do you sometimes feel totally overwhelmed by the chaos of your life?

I could hazard a guess that most moms do at times and I’m also sure it has nothing to do with what kind of mom you are.

Having twins is stressful but so is having one child who demands all your attention all of the time. Same goes for having a home-schooled child versus a child in school.

Spending all that time with your kids can be exhausting but so are school runs, packed lunches and looooooonnngg summers!

So we’re all in the same boat.


7 Things I Wish I Had Known After the Birth of My Twins

So you’re in the doctor’s room, being poked and prodded in a most undignified way.

I guess you have to accept that it’s par for the course when you’re pregnant.

All your dignity goes out the window. But finally the grainy image appears on the screen and you feel all gooey because you see your little bean in there.

Until the doc says with a delighted giggle: “Oh wait, there are two.”

Finding out you are having twins is pretty shocking.