How to Help Your Child with Obesity

I have been a family medicine practitioner for 19 years and have seen a lot of pediatric patients for the entirety of my career.

In the first fourteen years, I delivered babies and continued to follow them through their early years of life.

During the first 18 years, I observed obesity rates continually rise, but never at the rate I did during the COVID 19 pandemic.

For Moms

How I Got Healthy After Having 3 Kids: A Cost Effective Lifestyle Program for Moms

I was a little late to the motherhood party.

I had been single for long stretches of time as a young adult and had an intense career in medicine before I decided to get married and have kids.

I had been very fit for most of my adult life as I had a lot of time to claim as my own. I finished five marathons as an adult and was a varsity track athlete through most of high school.